Mangosteen Experiences

What's a Mangosteen? A fruit grown primarily in Southeast Asia, revered as Queen of Fruits. Scientific name: Garcinia mangostana; traditionally recognized for its enticing flavor + high value in folk medicine. The dark purple rind was dried and ground and used to ward off infection, its extract used to reduce fever. It's been used for centuries to treat dysentery, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, + eczema. Read on....

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mangosteen Experiences

You're probably wondering why you haven't heard of the mangosteen before. Surprisingly, until now the mangosteen fruit had never been properly introduced outside of its native region. Read some truly amazing experiences of people who've taken a mangosteen juice product made from the whole fruit puree, capturing all of the health restoring properties known as Xanthones.

Sinus and Respiratory Infection

When we first got on mangosteen juice, I came down sick with what I guess was a terrible virus – maybe flu. I don’t know. Anyway, I could tell my body was in a major battle. Felt like a semi ran me over and was aching all over. We had only gotten the mangosteen juice to help our daughter Monika's fibromyalgia and then our son Peter's Tourette syndrome, but I decided to give it a try myself instead of using medicine to get through this. Figured it surely couldn’t hurt me.

I took it like you would take Tylenol, about the same dose every four hours. Except then I got this powerful throbbing headache. (Normally, I never get headaches.) When I put my head down it throbbed even worse so I recognized it as a pounding sinus infection. At that point, I decided to take a mega dose of the mangosteen juice - about 6 oz. It wasn’t 20 minutes later when huge globs of phlegm came up all at once, which is quite untypical for me. I usually go days battling phlegm after a respiratory infection. BINGO! My headache was completely gone. It was absolutely incredible!

However, I still felt terribly weak and washed out like my body was still battling a major attack. I could do nothing but lay on the couch. Then the infection tried to attack my lungs. At the first sign of wheezing, I took another mega dose of the mangosteen juice and BINGO! My chest cleared within minutes.

Now I’m not one to take medicine, so maybe that’s why I got such powerful results with mangosteen juice. I don’t know. Anyway, this stuff left an indelible impression on me. Believe me!

- Barbara in Ohio
July 13, 2006

Pain and Toxic Poisoning
My wife and I were walking in the mall when we noticed a man in obvious pain, trying to seat himself on a bench. Read his amazing story.

Let me first share a bit of my background. I'm on total disability from the railroad. The place where I worked at the railroad had a vat in the ground with a steamer. They added a chemical down there 1/4" deep. I didn't see it, but I had heard that back in the 60s, they threw a cat in there and it turned to bone right in front of their eyes.

The chemical takes the grease off, but it plays havoc with people's sinuses and blood pressure. It put holes in my pants and ate my shoes up. What it does is relax the muscles in the lungs until you finally quit breathing. People started dying.

I decided to take a personal day to find out about this chemical. They came up with three sheets of information. I went to the college and a professor ran it thru EPA. She told me, "You stop breathing this chemical! The more steam you put to it, the deadlier it becomes. Breathing it in is like drinking Drano."

They figured I'd be dead before I got on disability. Every time I got by the vat, I got deadly sick, throwing up and turning red. But you know what? No chemist on earth could trace the chemical. I found out later that the chemist who made this chemical in New Jersey made it the same as the body chemistry so it's impossible to prove toxic tort in court and the railroad's not admitting their guilt.

If you do blood work, you're not going to find it because it's the same as your body chemistry. They kept changing the the name of the chemical. They told us, "It's okay. You can wash your hands in it." Sure, but when you got the steam from it, it tore your pants up. Because it was the railroad, they came under Federal jurisdiction. It was impossible to prove anything.

I was spending $100-$400 a month on Theralgesic pain patches and then another $200 for more patches. Earlier, side affects of Celebrex, Vioxx, and other drugs put me in the hospital. Now I'm spending $100 a month on a special drug they normally give to cancer patients. It's supposed to relax the muscles.

When I got the mangosteen juice on April 7, I had screwed my back up 2 days earlier so I could hardly walk. A kid had hit me on Rt. 57, going 55 m.p.h. The impact screwed up my back, causing nerve damage. The doctor told me I could end up in a wheelchair if they did surgery to try to correct my problem. I told them, "No thanks. I'll deal with the pain."

I chilled the mangosteen juice and took 3 ounces with food 3 times on Friday. Then on Saturday, I took 3 ounces 3 times, and I started feeling the pain in my legs going away. On Sunday, I took 3 ounces again 3 times a day and I was feeling better.

On the 10th, three days later, I was going thru a bunch of old tapes and found this one I really like. I was drinking ice cold water and felt like it gave me a high. I started getting up and dancing to this tape. It was unbelievable because just four days earlier, I couldn't hardly walk. The more water I drank, the more the pain went away. It made me feel like a kid again.

Because I lived on a fixed income, I had to reduce the mangosteen juice to 1 ounce 3 times a day. The good news is, I lost 16 1/2 lbs in 10 days. I felt so good, I was walking around at the mall and then got on my bike and rode.

Now that I'm at the bottom of the bottle, my back and legs are starting to hurt again. I have to order another case next month.

- Harry in Ohio

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